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Our Goal...

Estellavere was ESTablished in 2020. The brand was created under the influence of a streetwear type brand with a twist of class and elegance...

Estellavere is a clothing brand made for the people so in correlation we understand the demand for decent affordable clothing prices and we take on respect with every consumer to ensure they are comfortable and satisfied will purchasing online with every consumer that comes our way, however our designs have been permitted and copyrighted under the brand and we take copying very seriously.


As a business we want to help benefit the world in every measure we can, in this measure we will allocate a  donation of a 10% percentage of our profits towards the end of the year to replanting trees and replanting sea grass to help replenish the world and also working towards funding for reducing homelessness and providing free clothing for the homeless. 

...And in turn our end goal is to ensure fair trade within our clothing manufacturing and to create fair trade in all businesses not just clothing manufacturing across all countries. This will help boost other countries economy and social life giving them greater access to a fairer life and a better chance of creating their own businesses.

The brand was created during the lockdown period of 2020, during this time many people suffered mentally through-out, even personally it took a toll on us so we will be helping small communities focused around mental health to help ensure everyone is safe and on track as there is not greater gift than life itself.

Thank You!


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